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Airbnb Assassin

Airbnb Assassin

End to End step by steps process

On how I secure a home then later listed it on Airbnb.


Guarantee results 

I have the receipts 

Over 30K a month 

I own 8  homes 

Over 30 bedrooms 

Proven methods recession-proof

My business grew during Covid 



    • Understand the Do’s and Don’t the Myths and the facts
    • Understand how to find steals that will make you money
    • How to Calculate profit potentials
    • Master profit strategy
    • How to Secure a space  
    • How to Furniture home
    • Management entire systems on your cell phone any where in the world
    • Determing your offer
    • Deciding what you're looking for
    • Securing your property 
    • Maneuvering the yes
    • Discovering smooth business processes
    • Creating a profitable listing



  • Refund/ Return Policy

    All sales are final. 

    There will be no Refund or Returns 

$499.00 Regular Price
$399.20Sale Price
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