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Real Estate Training

Real Estate Training

I Own $ 2,000,000 of real estate 

I have learned from my experience  

Let me give you the cheat sheet and save you some stress

Buying a home can be one of the best moments of your life or the worst 


Let me help you create generational wealth 


Buying A house Confusing you?

Need Help?

Need a Real-estate Agent 

Need help getting prequalified

Want to know your credit score

Need help know how much house you can afford?

Need help determining what to offer on a home

Closing cost?

I am not a real state agent but I can help you with all the question you have


    Package includes 

    • 7 steps educational process  on how to buy home
    • The DO and The Don't about buying a home
    • The Myths and Facts  about buying home
    • Understanding Closing Cost fees
    • Understanding your interest rate 
    • Make sure you get an agent that has your best interest in mind.  Right agent check sheet 
    •  List of best lenders to use 
    •  How to find your credit score and improve it 
    • How to use and understand the affordability calculator 
    • Understanding you DTI 
    • How to get the seller to pay for closing cost 
    • How do get you offer accepted in a competitive market 
    • How to write buyers contract 
    • Earnest money 101
    • Due Diligence Money 101
    • Due Diligence period 


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